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Students attending informational session

Welcome to the MSW Program New Albany

It is an exciting and challenging time when you begin to consider graduate school options.   Professional social work education requires students at the master’s level to undertake a rigorous program of classroom and field study.  The Indiana University School of Social Work (IUSSW) seeks to admit individuals from a variety of undergraduate degrees who have demonstrated competency through previous academic work, professional achievements, and volunteer commitments.  Applicants with a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree from a CSWE accredited program conferred in 2010 or more recently must apply for advanced standing status.  If granted this allows the applicant to enter the MSW program at the intermediate level, which means credit is given for the first 15 hours of the MSW degree. 

At the IUS part-time program in New Albany, students take two classes, one on Friday afternoon and one on Friday evening.  The program will begin summer 2014 and will end May 2017.  Advanced standing applicants will begin course work and join this cohort in summer 2015. 

An applicant who is a full time employee with permanent status of the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) may apply to the Child Welfare Scholars program for funding when applying to IUSSW. For additional information regarding this program, contact Anita Osborn at or 317-274-2965.

If you have questions about the IUS MSW program, please contact Marlo D. Dale at or 317-274-6966.